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Dr. B's Blog

Being Left Handed is Right

Over the course of time, left handed people have been stigmatized and made to feel abnormal. As children, “lefties” have sometimes been pressured to write with their right hands which definitely has put then at a disadvantage compared to right handed children. However recent research demonstrates that being left handed may actually be advantageous in several ways. According to Dr. Stephen Christman of the University of Toledo, “For thousands of years, 10-15% of the population has been left handed, therefore the trait is not an evolutionary weakness but may be a strength.” Research reveals several unique attributes and pluses of left handed people.
Lefties may be able to use both sides of their brains more efficiently
According to a study from 2006 published in Neuropsychology journal, left handed people have
faster connection times between the right and left sides of the brain and therefore can process
information faster.
Lefties are better at sports
Although less than 15% of the general population is left handed, 25% of Major League baseball
pitchers are lefties. According to the 2006 study, this is because lefties have faster reaction
times which gives a definite advantage in interactive sports including, baseball, boxing, fencing
and tennis. However, this advantage doesn’t extend to non-interactive sports such as diving or
Lefties may be more creative thinkers
Dr. Chris McManus, psychologist at University College in London states left handed people
have a more highly developed right hemisphere which is associated with more creative thinking.
The more developed right side of the brain also may cause lefties to be better at divergent
thinking, which is the ability to think of multiple solutions to a problem. In addition, for lefties,
growing up and seeing themselves as different from their right handed peers may create a
more individualized instead of a group-oriented focus. This experience can also lead to a left
handed person developing such qualities as independence and non-conformity which in turn
can produce more creative thinking and problem solving.
Because of the recent research, hopefully the days of forcing lefties to become right handed will
be over and instead there will be recognition that being left handed is right and may be
Posted: 8/29/2018 10:33:39 AM | 0 comments